Traversing a sea of folky-jazz melodies, country ballads, humorous love songs and deeply poetic, classically influenced pieces, Freya Hanly’s eclectic musical background has fuelled a range and diversity of songs incomparable to most artists of her genre.

Her innovative guitar style combined with impeccably pure vocals has the ability to drift easily over a vast musical terrain, taking her listeners anywhere from the living room to the dance floor to the breathtakingly sublime.

A devoted songwriter before her teens, Freya has now established herself in the Australian independent music community as a seasoned performer., having extensively toured WA and the East coast as well as being a regular at some top Australian festivals such as Fairbridge Festival (WA), National Folk Festival (ACT), Folk Rhythm and Life (VIC), Cygnet (TAS), Yunguburra (QLD) and Nannup Music Festival (WA).

Having played over 500 shows, including a tour to Ireland in 2007, as well as having been nominated twice for WAM song of the Year and the ASA Songwriter of the Year, Freya has supported and performed alongside such artists as The Indigo Girls, Deborah Conway, Lior, Sarah Storer, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Witlams, Bomba, Dallas Frasca, Clare Bowditch, Blue King Brown, Brandi Carlile and Vika and Linda Bull.

Over the years she has toured and performed as a solo artist, with her own string quartet and more recently with her full band, That Brutal Moon, which has included guest appearances from such notable Australian musicians as Ben Franz (The Waifs), Mal Web, Loren, John Bedggood (Bernard Fanning) and Mel Robinson (Missy Higgins, Tim Rodgers) most of whom feature or her most recent album.

2008 saw Freya Hanly releasing her second studio album Quiver which was carefully crafted over the last few years to deliver her finest work to date. The album truly is a reflection of the dedicated passion that has been put into it and is an outstanding showcase of both the uplifting full-band vibe of That Brutal Moon in songs like Evaporate and Cow For Sale, as well as Freya’s gifted style of composition in the more abient, awe-inspiring pieces such as Don’t Follow Me.

Other releases consist of the Bar Fly EP (2006), her debut album Feel This (2003) both of which have had regular rotation on Triple J’s Roots and All show, ABC regional radio and several other stations around the country, and a recently released live album recorded with the band at Mojo’s Bar in North Fremantle. Which captures the live feel of the band and provides a glimpse of some of her more recent songs in the lead up to the new album.An outstanding performer

what people are saying

It has been a while since a musician gave me goosebumps, but with a voice like this alongside such well crafted, relevant lyrics, there was no way anybody was leaving this gig without feeling a sense of connection to this songstress whose glowing energy took over the warmly lit stage. -Drum Media Magazine

There are few artists that would give me more pleasure to see break in this country. Her songs have depth and humour. She is blindingly talented. -Clare Bowditch

Freya Hanly’s second full length album, Quiver, is a re-affirmation of her strengths as a singer song writer and performer, if one was needed. Her voice has a strength that is decorated with lovely skips around the melody and her songs can get you up and dancing to the wonderful arrangements or leave you pondering those inexplicable choices we sometimes have to make. And in the end, it simply overflows with pleasure. -John Carver (PBSfm Mebourne)